Train Crash in Madhya Pradesh | Gwalior Intercity Express goods Train Crash

Two Trains on same trash collides each other in Shivpuri at Madhya Pradesh in India.
20 People are Feared Dead and 40 injured.
Accident happened in early morning at 5 pm on September 20 2010.
Gwalior Intercity Express and goods Train on same track crashed near Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh.

Rescue Team reaches the spot. Visibility is very low due to heavy rain.

Awaiting for more details

Helpline numbers:

Badarwaas: 07495245233/9752417560

Guna: 07542253799/07542254778
Shivpuri: 07492234407/9752417562

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Images and videos of Train Accident in Madhya Pradesh