Millenium Celebration of Thanjavur Big Temple | 1000 Year Celebration Tanjore Siva Temple

Thanjavur Big temple 1000th Year Celebration starting today.
5 day celebration has been starting from 
22 September 2010 - 26 September 2010
Tamil Nadu Government Spending 25 Crore for developing Infrastructure of the temple.
Its a very old temple.


The greatest of Chola emperors Rajaraja-I (985 A.D - 1012 A.D) the son of Sundara Chola (Parantakaa-II) and Vanavanmahadevi built this magnificent temple named Brihadisvaram at Thanjavur - the capital of Chola dynasty.

From the epigraphical evidence it is known about Rajaraja-I started building this temple on his 19th year and completed on 275th day of his 25th year. It took just 6 years to complete this work on 1010 A.D.

Videos and Photo Gallery 1000 Year Celebration Festival of Lord Brahadeeswara Temple

GRAND OCCASION: Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi being greeted by dancer Padma Subrahmanyam at the Millennium Celebration of Big Temple in Thanjavur on Saturday. 
By the time Mr. Karunanidhi reached the venue, the Oduvars had completed their recital. But, they sang a verse in response to the request of the Chief Minister.
Mr. Karunanidhi, who wore a silk ‘angavastaram,' commended Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam for the dance programme.
The Tamil Nadu government has decided to celebrate the thousand years of Thanjavur "Perya Koil"(Thanjavur big temple) in September in a grand manner. The decision in this regard taken in a core committee meeting chaired by the state Chief-Minister M Karunanidhi on Saturday.
The ceremony to mark the completion of the 1000Th year of Thanjai Periya Koil , constructed by Raja Raja Chola I, will be held on September 25 and 26, in Thanjavur, the State government press release said.
After the meeting, the government decided to release a millennium coin and a commemorative stamp, besides organising cultural events and seminars. The government also decided to utilise the occasion to unveil a mega plan to improve the infrastructure of Thanjavur, including widening of roads.
The government release stated that the two- day event would witness both folk and classical music and dance.
On the first day, folk artists would perform in the streets across Thanjavur town. In the evening, noted dancer Padma Subramaniam will lead a programme by 1000 dancers on the premises of Big Temple. Nagaswaram concerts and Thirumurai singing by 100 Oduvars, the exponents of Thevaram and Thiruvchagam, will be held before the dance programme.
On the second day, seminars will be held at Thanjavur Tamil University. General conferences will be on the temple premises. Coins and stamps will be released at Thilakar Thidal. A historical exhibition will also be held.
Saturday's meeting decided to invite Union Ministers, political leaders and experts and the Chief Minister M Karunanidhi will preside.
As regards reclamation of the statues of king Raja Raja and his consort Lokamadei, now in a private museum managed by the Sarabhai Foundation in Ahmedabad, the government is considering constituting a team of experts. “The museum expects us to provide evidence. The team of experts will look into the issue and, if necessary, will visit Gujarat,” an official source said.
At the meeting it was suggested that the beauty of the temple would be heightened if the moats around it were filled with water. In some places, the moats had been destroyed. The government is planning to de-silt waterbodies around the temple such as the Cheevappanaicken lake and Sivaganga Kulam, that were connected to the moats. It is likely to approach the Centre for aid.
The meeting was attended by state ministers, higher offcials of various departments and Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimozhi MP.

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