Police Brutality Caught on Camera
Another Blot on Khaki Police. 

 Beasts in police. 
Shame in Khakhi.

Cops torchured 75 year old man hunged from tree.
Incident happened in Dholpur at Rajasthan in INDIA. Suspected involvement in case of theft.
Whether Police dont know how to behave with a Senior Citizen?
Government should take a strict action against the policemen and officers.
How dare the policemen can do this?
Its against a Human Rights Law.
Whether they are police or Rogue.
Its a big shame to all citizens of India.
Kiran Bedi Suggest to remove those dirty police men from service.
Pictures(images) of Police Brutality Photos

 75 year Old Man who Hung from tree

 The person(Warren Anderson) who is responsible for the innocent 20,000 lives in Bhopal is treated with red carpet whereas the innocent peoples are treated brutally!!!
After 25 years 20,000 innocent's death got a very good judgment.
Great Law! Good Judgment! India, Hats off!.