Bomb Blast in Villupuram to derail the train 
(Malaikottai or RockFort Express)
A very Big Train Accident Averted.
Train Driver saved thousands of lives. mundiyambakkam
Salem - Egmore Chennai Express which crossed that place have felt some jerks so train has been stopped at perani station and guard informed to Mudiyambakkam Station Master Regarding this. Soon the station master of Mundiyambakkam warned Trichy - Chennai Rockfort Express driver regarding Jerk felt by Salem Express. Soon driver identified a big hole nearby track and stopped the train nearby it. Malaikottai has been saved by small chance.Images and pictures below
The driver of the Rockfort Express noticed the cut in the track and brought the train to a halt. He immediately informed the Mundiyambakkam and Perani station authorities, who in turn alerted the Control Office at headquarters Chennai.
Passenger's have been saved from this dangerous incident.
Railway track has been damaged by Bomb Blast. A length of 3 feet, was cut and a wire from the spot was leading to a near-by field.
The incident happened near Villupuram.
Malaikottai Express has been saved by a Brave Train Engineer.
The train Driver stopped the train in mean time after seeing that the track has been damaged.
Incident happened near chithadi in Vilupuram. at 2 o'clock on 12 june 2010.
The real reason behind is to boycott Srilankan Chief Rajapakshe tour to India.
Police grabbed some wire's used to blast the bomb.
Also some slogans of boycotting Rajapakshe of India tour.
So police confirmed that the incident did by some Tamil Activist also no more involvement of Naxalites.

Passenger really suffered a lot due to this. Many trains has been stopped which is on the way to Chennai Egmore.
After 6 hours of heavy work rail way workers made temporary railway track to flow the train's.
Trains coming to Chennai from the South, including the Pandiyan Express, Mangalore-Chennai Express and the Nellai Express were stopped at wayside stations.

Images and Pictures of Blast railway tracks

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