Mobile Phone culture
Missed call, Wrong SMS and Wrong calls 
IS Mobile Phone Negative or Positive
I wrote this article to help each and every girl and boy. Recent Headlines in news papers wake me up to scribble this. 
Try to be good after reading this else your wish. 
No one change your fate.
Please don't hesitate to read this. Its for all boys and girls at the dirty  Mobile Phone culture of 2010.  
Mobile is red alert for all teenage girls and boys. 
This article is for all teenage people who spoiling our Culture. 
Do you know each and every day out of 100, 38 girls has been cheated by a boy. A recent analysis pointing this.   
Why am pointing Mobile as a Red Alert or negative? 
Do you know why?
Reason behind is increase in Mobile phones is directly proportional to spoiling our culture.  
Whether you watched each and every day How many boys and girls using Mobile phones daily. Am not ready to say any analysis point chart because you are daily going for your company, college and schools. So you may watch figure it out How many?
In a bus stop am saying in Chennai at least 5 to 6 girls were talking in phone. Am not saying that they are bad girls. But the problem is most of the girls chatting and speaking with their boy friends only. 
Okay do you know
What is Boy friend? No need to worry i will explain.
A recent culture says boy friend is a person who spends their money for mobile for chatting also spending their valuable time for a girl without caring about their family.
What is Girl Friend?
 Girl friend is the person, a boy who spends his time for time pass. Girl use this opportunity for talking with multiple boys at a time. She may have multiple sim cards and mobiles. 
Am not telling lie its 90% true a girl who having mobile wont be good ever. 
At least a boy may came around her.

Why does it happens?
A very crucial part played by Mobile network which offering lot of discounted call rates, Call Boosters, Message boosters and Night unlimited Free calls. Its really an unwanted thing for gaining purpose mobile networks but teenagers utilize it for bad purpose. 

How a boy Cheating a Girl?
Really as a boy am saying truth all girls are good until she spoke to boy. Each and every girl has been cheated by a boy daily. This is 100% truth. 
I used the word "cheat" which points "Missed call friend" i mean unknown friend. Its the starting point. 

I wont mention boys is 100% cheating girls. Its equally shared by both boys and girls.

I know very well you may arise a question 
Is talking with a Boy or Girl Bad?
H mm not bad... But it is 100% bad only. 
No more arguments i will clearly quote 
ITS 100% Bad Bad Bad.
Let i will tell why its Bad?
Tragedy behind Unknown Calls and SMS
Top points:
  • At first a boy only starts this kind of unknown chats by giving Missed calls and Messages. 
  • Boy send "Sorry wrongly messaged you" ( Don't question me, whether you send like this). Because me too know about boys mentality and how they behave.
  • A girl surely reply who are you? or I don't know who you are? or something. Then surely the conversation starts
  • Where you staying? where you from? Hobbies and many many.
  • And once the sms limit reaches boy try to call that girl (this is the place where red Alert starts) or in some cases girl argue boy to call.
  • And the conversation starts in Phone. How the conversation is? At first started with respect and talk each other irrespectively.
  • Finally both of them becomes very dear friend by phone and they talk day and Night daily.
  • When phone limit reaches the boy not stops he decided to meet the girl. According to latest culture its said to be Dating. 
  • Some guys and girls who from remote places don't know what is dating. Really dating is the process of meeting a girl or boy for the first time in some place, restaurant or any entertainment parks.
  • After meeting if a boy or girl satisfied by seeing appearance wise and money wise then chat will continue night and day. If any one of them not satisfied with appearance wise their chat will be stopped in few days. If there is no mutual relation ship between them, then they stopped their chats.
  •  After dating this the very crucial thing happens. Unusual talks starts more and more they talk some unusual things. Am not interested to say openly but this is the time to say to save our culture. 
  • And finally they decided to meet again in some place to share their thoughts again. This start repeat each and every time. 
  • Finally boy show his real character. He sexually use that girl and left off.
  • Some girls left off or try to contact that boy. 
  • The boy and girl wont stop their talks because already they are trained very well. So after both of us got separate from themselves.
  • Boy wont stop their unusual talks he keep on try to do with lot of girls. Like wise some good girls trapped into this.
  • And finally the girl's parents decided their to marry her. 
  • Real comedy is here a good boy like me got married to a girl like this. And am not a foolish guy surely i will suspect her and get all details about her. Finally she will trapped to me. And let me apply for Divorce.
Tragedy is the real reason for this is one boy but the person who is good has been punished. Is this culture need for us. Please am requesting you no need of miss calls, Wrong call and messages. Take care of your studies and parents.
Really after marriage girls start to act as good girl like KANNAGI but they wont.

Recent Headlines of News  papers:
  1. Incident Happened in Chennai on june 3rd 2010. One man cheated 17 women by using mobile and giving miss calls. God's grace he caught by police. His name is Ravichandran a brave police Sub inspector Mangalalaksmi (women) caught him by giving same miss call and dating. Accused has talk 5 times dails for more than 2 months and finally he asked her for meet in Melmaruvathur. Police team followed Mahalakshmi Bus till melmaruvathur. They all awaited in melmaruvathur for Ravichandran and he arrived in a car and asked Sub inspector Mahalakshmi to get into car, suddenly police team surrounded the car and capture the accused.Police commissioner Jaankit rewarded Sub Inspector Mahalakshmi for her braveness. Hats off Mahalakshmi Madam. Like this lot of things happening in all around Tamil Nadu please save our girls. For more details See dinathanthi on page 10 Chennai edition printed on 8 june 2010  
  2. This news really worse than before. Because the accused are only 21 years old. They took photo clips of girls without dress. This incident happens in Madurai 4 guys did and caught to police by red handed. The real theme is one of the person lost his mobile which contains pornographic photos of girls. One person took that mobile handled that to Police Station. Cops analyzed that finally they saw lot of pornographic photos in the mobile Phone. They setup a small team to capture accused. They silently asked the mobile network provider about the details of sim card. After that a special team rounded the accused. Names are Baplu(21), Jegathish (21), Manikandan(21) and RajaDeelep (20). A shocking news is they tooks pornographic photos of School girls and college girls. As usual they used mobile phones as the source and by following the girls. They utilized that girls for sex and threaten those girls to call their friends too. How the dare boys spoiled the girls life. See Dinathanthi on Page 2 on 8th june 2010.
Finally i concluded that mobile phone is really a negative thing which damaging our culture. My one kind advice is please please please don't provide phones to girls without any reason. It lead to loss their precious life by this kind of guys.
Please watch this Movie Eram
Stop unwanted wrong calls.
Waiting for your precious comments.

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  1. Kavitha ( Sub Inspector of Police ) July 8, 2010 at 9:26 PM  

    Good article many students and youths spoiling their future by this kind of activities. Some incidents were coming out but most of the incidents are unrevealed and kept hidden.
    Avoid Unknown calls and messages its good for our culture.


  2. Anonymous December 8, 2011 at 12:43 AM  

    good article. thanks for creating awareness. my dear brothers and sisters, it is right time to alarm ourself. please save our culture.