Smokers in Chennai CMBT Koyambedu Bus Terminus

      At Night 7.00 pm 3 persons in chennai koyambed Smoking Freely in a public place. Where Smoking Law Gone what about public awareness... All these laws are for only few months now its thrown away... I went their and request them to Dont Smoke Here..But they respond me in one Word "WHO U ARE TO ASK???.... Pls pls one humble request to all who is watching this video,. If u find the person who is smoking in public place just go near him and give nice SLAP.... NO FEAR... NO TEAR... ALWAYS BE ROCKING... BY ROCKER GUY KAMALAKANNAN... I caught this video in Koyambed the central BUS Terminus of CHENNAI...

Please smokers kindly co-operate with us because you're not the only person who going to be affected peoples like us who are non smokers are also will be affected by this. I don't know why people's and teenagers get into this kind of activities.