China Chocolates evil effects and problems
Hi friends,
        Is really China made chocolates problematic and gives evil effects. Let we see in this review. Because few months back India banned China made chocolates and toys. 
Whether the statement about China made chocolate is really true? 
How ever it is, according to me i tested personally by eating China made chocolate and tested.

I really suffered a lot after eating those chocolate daily. I simply purchased a chocolate which is green in color with the taste of Guava. It costs around 50 paise in Indian price. I like the flavor and taste of that chocolate. It taste's very well also low in price. So i often purchase eat that Chocolate and finally i suffered a lot. I got mouth ulcers so am unable to eat food stuffs as normally. I don't know why does it happens so i went to a dentist to check this but he said your teeth is clean so he advices to consult a Gastroenterologist i mean stomach specialist i went their he adviced me to don't eat any unwanted food stuffs it makes wounds in mouth and stomach. I tracked my self and stop that habit of eating China made chocolate for few days. Finally i got a good result mouth wounds has been stopped. On that time i realized that China Chocolate made me troublesome.

 About the Chocolate:
      This Chocolate has been packed in green color cover.
      The cover has some Chinese language
      It is available in all small shops
      It costs only 50 paise
Images of the China Chocolate
The main theme for writing this article is lot of small school children to teenagers have addicted to this chocolate as like Alcohol. One who addicted to this kind of chocolates could not recover from this easily. So parents please guide your children to avoid this kind of chocolates. Eating this chocolate not only give mouth ulcer it may be very problematic if you eat continuously.

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  1. Anonymous May 17, 2010 at 11:25 AM  

    Nice, This article very helpful to school children.

  2. Anonymous June 1, 2010 at 12:07 AM  

    thanks..bro.i have eaten this hell many times