Harmful Effects of Smoking                                        

Teenagers  and college students in 2010:
Teenage peoples easily get into this habit because few boys have this bad habit, but that habitual person usually spread this and make good boys to bad.

The culture of Teenage people have dramatically changed  every year. Let we say the passion word of teenagers is BEER. Except some peoples all are get addicted in this.
Some drinks that for passion.
Some had that for others, and party etc. I don't know where the real culture is going.

Smokers are of different type like
Chain Smokers or Passive Smokers, 
Partial Smokers,
Passion Smokers,
Happy (Pleasure) Smokers, 
Test Smokers.

 Chain Smokers:
In the above categories the Chain Smokers are really worse. They often smoke 2 to 3 Cigarettes within an hour.
They are very much addicted in this so they don't know how to stop this at last their end date will fixed and soon they will die. Severity and risk factor is very high. Risk of Heart Attack is 95 %

Partial Smokers:
Partial Smokers smoke 2 Cigarettes within 3  hours of gap. Severity or risk factor is high.

Passion Smokers:
Passion Smokers start smoke by seeing movies and actors. They really don;t know what's severity and risk factor of smoking. For their pleasure and time pass they start this and do not know how to stop. Finally they change to Chain Smokers.

Happy ( Pleasure Smokers):
Its really interesting thing usually this kind of smokers around the age of 18 to 23 because due to some age problems they get into love or such kind of activities finally some smokers insist them to smoke or drink liquor. Finally they get into addiction of liquor.

Test Smokers:
This smokers really don't know the hazard of smoking. For testing or checking purpose they smoke finally they get into this.

Evil Effects of Smoking or Tobacco:
Once you get into smoking then your days has been counted. So avoid smoking and make your family good.

Diseases which spread or cause due to smoking or Tobacco:

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics,  that 7 people die due to tobacco use. Tobacco consists more than 450 toxic substances and  7,000 chemical compounds.

The report said current evidence is not conclusive enough to say smoking causes colorectal cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer or erectile disfunction.
The evidence suggests smoking may not cause breast cancer in women overall but that some women may increase their risk of getting breast cancer by smoking, depending on genetics, the report said.
Each year 500,000 Americans Die because of smoking. More than 12 Million people dies in past 40 years

Heart diseases
Respiratory diseases and problems
Ear infections
Low birth weight
Sudden infant death syndrome
Infertility problem will also occur.
So students and youth's please don't be addicted  to smoking. Its very dangerous. Someone insist you for smoking. Always i say one thing gather good things from others not bad things. If some one try to taught you bad things just avoid them. Hope you will be good always.

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