SETC Ultra Deluxe Bus
Name is Ultra Deluxe but bus full of mites. Be careful passengers
Mainly for a safe journey we choosing Government buses but its not at all useful. The maintenance of State Express Transport corporation bus maintenance is really worst.
I do not why its happening whom we have to blame whether conductor or SETC officials. The main thing is no one is caring about public their aim is money that's all. No one is caring about this when they caught into mites or insects in bus because they really doesn't have Public awareness. I got bitten by mites in SETC (State Express Corporation Bus) bus more than 10 times i had complained about this but no action. Whether Tamil Nadu Government take required action on this or still it will like that.
The seats in bus are not clean also they were not caring about the mites inside the seats of the bus. The real troublesome is for passengers like us. 
Online Reservation :
A bug is here in online reservation one can reserve for the bus 30 days before commence of journey. Really i don't know whether people reserving the seat or the officials inside SETC office itself reserving for their relatives and Friends. 
Online reservation have to be revised for peoples reliability.
My kind request for Drivers and Conductors of Govt bus, please try to respect the passengers who coming in your bus.
Once i've Travelled from Thanjavur to Chennai i got a great Experience , full of mites and pests which get into their duty of biting. They sucked my blood and turn to run inside my clothes. It troubles me for whole journey day(7-9 hours).
I had complained about this to Bus conductor he simply said that they will clean it later. What a response i doesn't expect that from him. Usually Govt buses are not clean, bus maintenance also worst. Bus is Ultra Deluxe but it is Dirty Deluxe. When comparing to private buses Govt buses are very very low in maintenance.
Often we go to Govt buses for safety and timing, but they not at all considering about maintenance. Also another problem we often face is seat reservation. Reservation of seats are already booked by SETC itself, whenever we go to book a ticket they usually said Ticket reservation finished.
In festival days conductors will got Jackpot, they sell tickets for more money. Peoples really suffered a lot on those days.
Govt should take required measurement to improve the Transport corporation of tamil nadu.