Due to evolution of information technology, now-a-days television channels are also in increasing rate. Tanjore is famous for agriculture. Now its famous for local tv channels. Yes its really exciting thing to watch, now in tanjore there are 10 channels are entertaining whole town and near by places. They covered more than 100 kms around tanjore. Channels can be viewed in places like Kumbakonam, pattukotai, vallam, ayyampetai, nanjikotai, orathanadu and many more places. All channels entertaining with high quality videos with surround effect sound.

     They were conducting lot of useful programs like Local news, awareness programs, interviewing doctors, comedy shows, live horoscope, yoga, college shows, phone on line, English learning, and a lot of programs where broadcasting by each channel. They were really with standing and competitive to major channels like sun tv, Kalaingar tv.
     In the year of 1995 or later there has been 3 cable networks operating on 3 different location. Later 2000 they joined to start a channel namely SQZ. After that some new channels has been grown. Karan tv is the channel which is started and then AMN TV. They entertain the people for past days. Later some more channels joined in the entertainment prey. Anbu tv took's next place, they introduced a technique called messaging system, in this viewers were asked to send sms to the number. Then they display that in tv.
     Late 2007 some new channels come into action. On the queue channels like NEW TV, MEERA TV, CHANNEL VISION, SUBAM TV came to entertain the viewers. Channels which were started has lost thier stuff within few months they started because of expense.
    But at present SUBAM channel is really rocking by giving digital quality videos and they reduced the time interval for Ad's. Also one main thing is they were not displaying scrolling ad's while playing videos and songs. Its really amazing to watch that channel, still am very eager to watch that channel. I too participated in many of the programs also they displayed my name Kamalakannan J S in thier channel. I Its really amazing to see my name in tv.
   Finally i understood that Information technologies unbelievable growth is main vital thing for growth of these channels. I hope people's in tanjore have getting 100% non stop entertainment rather than other channels. Also Peoples were not interested to buy satellite dishes. Because all entertainment is in local channels only.
  One unwanted thing is lot of ad's has been occupying the channel, so this gives bad impression to viewers. If the channel has to rock they've to reduce the ad's and keep on entertain the people. Else people will surely move on to satellite dishes. Because satellite tv channels also growing in rapid rate due to competiton. If the Cable channels to competete satellite channels they've to give good programs and by reducing there bulk of advertisement's.

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Kamalakannan J.S

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  1. Armil@cable tv January 6, 2011 at 5:48 PM  

    I totally agree with this one "Due to evolution of information technology, now-a-days television channels are also in increasing rate"
    My cable tv bill really increasing in numbers.