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Pay Per Click is the Internet Advertising Campaign to earn part time income from home.
What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?
Pay per click is one kind of advertising in Internet Market, if any one click the ads then you get paid.
Earning through Pay per click online is not a difficult if you find a good legitimate website. If you running a Website or blog with good traffic then you surely earn some amount using PPC Advertisement. Advertising agents get ads from marketers then it provide it to publisher websites. Based on your Website or blog content type it shows ads. In United States of America lot of Pay Per click Advertising marketers emerged to attract publisher to share there revenue.
Google is the top PPC Advertiser and Legitimate. Next to google some of the popular websites like Yahoo, Microsoft share a small amount of revenue. There is some limitation's in minimum payout for each advertisers whereas google's minimum payout is $100 once you reached that limit google sends you cheque to your address. To earn high passive income through pay per click you need a good website or blog with descent traffic. If you own a good blog then go for google Adsense to earn passive income from internet Giant Google.
If you decided to start a blog or website : Tutorial about Web hosting
Not having blog or website?
No probs some other websites are there in internet to earn money through online.
But large number of scam PPC Pay Per Click websites has been emerged to cheat people's.
However if the user going to trap in Scam website's will surely loss their time and even money. Be sure don't pay any money to join Pay per Click advertising and some other advertising programs in internet market.