Top 9 Steps in Web Hosting & SEO Tutorial | How to Choose Paid Web Hosting Services Review

9 Important Steps for Web hosting and SEO Ranking Choosing a good web hosting providers is a very difficult task. Because now a days thousands of providers has been emerged to provide Hosting Services in different plans all over the World.

Choosing a good and Cheap paid web hosting Providers?
However if you decided to Host a Website don't wait go for Paid Web hosting. Free Web hosting services are available but it does not offer many features. Choosing a Paid web hosting services is 1000 times better than Free Web hosting. Before choosing compare their plans whether it suits for you. If the website is for Personal then go for Standard Plans based on your  Programming language, Backend Database, WebSpace and bandwidth. Language you choosed for programming your webapplication it may be Java, PHP,, joomla, wordpress etc. Webspace is the space required to store in the server. Bandwidth is the amount of data utilized by the users (Incoming and Outgoing Data ) Very common Database used is MySql.

Reliabilty of Hosting Services:
Main common thing to note is Reliability of the Web hosting Service. Some Hosting Provider promises you for 99.9% Server Up-time later you face lot of downtime problems. So go through lot of reviews and forums in internet before choosing a paid web hosting.
Spend a small amount run a trial application for one month before purchasing a long term domain.
Customer Support:
If you face any problem while developing the Website then you need a 24 hours support from hosting team. If you satisfy with the above criteria go for registering the domain name

How to Register a Domain Name :
Domain name is the unique name created for your ip. Its a very easier once you decide your provider go for next level to register a domain name. Using that name you can access your web application. And there are lot of extensions available like .com,.net,.org,.gov, .edu etc. Based on your business choose a good extension. If it is Educational Institution go for .edu and if its a Government Organization  go for .gov. If its your e-commerce or business website choose .com, if the name is not available for .com go for .net. To check available good name for your website search through google with the keyword "domain name search" or some thing like this. Once you chosen a Domain name for your website as soon as you have to register that else anyone can register your chosen domain name at any time. Domain name should point your content so that you can get ranked in google faster and easier. Once you completed registration process go for the next level how to choose a plan. Even you can purchase a old Domain name with high page rank so it boost your website in Search engine.

Choosing a Good Hosting Plan for your WebSite:

There are two common types of Web Hosting is available they are Linux/Unix Hosting and Windows Hosting. Linux Hosting supports Java based programming Language where as Windows hosting supports .net based web application. But both supports php, joomla, wordpress, Blogger etc. Linux cost you less hosting also maintenance is very easier and compatible in linux hosting when comparing to Windows. Decide what kind of website you going to develop and their goals. If its a small organization or company website, then
you can choose cheaper plans with small space and Bandwidth. Whereas if you gonna develop a blog for writing article's or News Website then you can go for mid sized plans like unlimited Bandwidth and space. If you going to develop an E-Commerce Website then go for higher plans like Unlimited Space,Unlimited Bandwidth, dedicated server (Optional),
VPN and Programming Language. In my experience Java Hosting is very good for hig end Web Application but it costs more when comparing to Php and MySql comes as open-source so every hosting company using MySql as Backend Database.

SEO on Add-On Domains and Hosting Multiple Websites :
Some Web hosting companies offer to host multiple domain names in single hosting account without any additional money. It shares same IP address for different Domain name. Care should be taken while hosting multiple domains in single account because some search engines like google having good algorithm to track your IP, so if you host same kind of multiple website's then it penalize your page rank. You can host multiple domains with different kind of website like Tutorials, Dating, Business etc. If you link those website's one with the other then it Search engines consider its an Artificial linking. So don't try to link
your website's with same IP address.

Developing Website with Search Engine (SEO) User Friendly:

Once you choosed your hosting plan you have to start developing the website. Website must target Search Engines to reach people's. While registering your website go for long term registration like 2 or 3 years so Search engines think you are good Site because many website's registered for a short term using that for Cheating, and illegal purpose.
Put proper Title, meta tags for  and user friendly URL to your website so it increase your visibility to Search Engines. Create a Google Webmaster account submit your sitemap of your site frequently. Don't use more keywords in your content Search Engine spider consider that you're spamming with keywords. Your content must relevant to Meta tag Keywords.
Write article about your site and submit in many website with good PR.
Start replying to forum with your web link.