Rumors on Nokia Join hands with Microsoft Windows | 
Nokia & Windows 7 Mobile Smartphones

Nokia lost stem in the smartphone industry and people are speculating on what moves the company can do to get back in the game. There are rumors that Nokia is cooking something up with Microsoft. The rumors have already boosted Nokia’s shares up to four percent since the start of the week.
Android in Nokia is not a good idea because Samsung has the advantage with several devices in their inventory. Nokia should consider inking an exclusive deal with Microsoft. That would give Nokia free access to Windows Phone 7 technology as well as a way into the U.S. Market.
Nokia should consider abandoning the MeeGo OS and should focus on the Windows Phone 7. Nokia could still offer Symbian phones for its low to mid-range smartphone market.
In the last quarter of 2010, Microsoft shipped out two million units of Windows Phone 7 and spent at least $500 million in marketing. With a deal with Nokia, they’ll gain access to 20 to 25 percent of the market share worldwide. Experts believe that Microsoft should make a deal with a high-volume company to be relevant in the market.
Not everyone is in favor of a Nokia-Microsoft partnership. There are people who say that Windows Phone 7 performed poorly and a deal with Nokia can’t do anything about it.