Detects Skin Cancer with iPhone Handyscope Software | iPhone Cancer Software Download
Your iPhone can be turned into a skin cancer detection gadget with the help of a new product available on the market known as Handyscope.
The remarkable new tool plugs into the Apple smartphone and using an app converts it into a dermatascope - which doctors use when looking for melanoma. The device uses a polarising light to detect whether a mole is cancerous and then takes a photo and sends it to a doctor for inspection.
Images can even be uploaded to a second opinion service where world-renowned specialists can weigh in with their view.
However, at 995 pounds, it's unlikely to be used by the average mobile user.
Cancer experts have welcomes the gadget. "This is a powerful piece of kit which could be very useful for people in the profession assessing whether a mole is cancerous," the Daily Mail quoted Dr David Pye, a cancer researcher based at Salford University, as saying.
"Sending images around the world for expert diagnosis could be incredibly helpful and this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this before," he added. The Handyscope, made by German-based firm FotoFinder, can be purchased online and the app can be bought from the Apple iTunes store.