TNPSC Solved Question Papers Part 2 Group 1, 2 ,3 ,4 Solved Questions
11. X-rays travel with the velocity of
A. light
B. sound
C. positive rays
D. alpha rays
12. A loudspeaker converts
A. electrical energy into sound
B. sound energy into electrical
C. small sound into a large sound
D. none of the above
13. The transverse wave nature of
light was proved by
A. interference C. polarisation
B. diffraction D. refraction
14. Electric iron takes a long time
to cool because of
A. greater emissivity
B. lesser emissivity
C. less absorptive power
D. more absorptive power
15. Helium is preferred to hydrogen
in airships because it
A. has greater lifting power
B. is less dense
C. cheaper
D. does not form explosive
mixture with air
16. Excessive consumption of
alcohol damages the
A. liver C. heart
B. kidneys D. lungs
17. Which of the following has the
smell of garlic?
A. White phosphorus
B. Red phosphorus
C. Phosphorus chloride
D. Phosphine
18. A common nitrogenous fertilizer is
A. urea
B. superphosphate
C. triple phosphate
D. potassium chloride
19. Which element is a metalloid in
the following?
A. Copper C. Aluminium
B. Arsenic D. Gold
20. Night blindness is caused due to
the deficiency of
A. Vitamin A C. Vitamin K
B. Vitamin B D. Vitamin E