TNPSC Solved Question Papers Part 1
Group 1, 2 ,3 ,4 Solved Questions

1. Density of matter is
defined as

A. mass / volume
B. mass × volume
C. volume / mass
D. none of these

2. The resultant upthrust on a
body partly immersed in liquid
acts through

A. the centre of gravity
B. the metacentre
C. the centre of pressure
D. none of these
3. A transverse wave travels along
z-axis. The particles of the
medium travels along

A. z-axis C. y-axis
B. x-axis D. in x-y plane
4. Joule-Thomson cooling is
A. temperature dependent
B. temperature independent
C. dependent on the molecular
weight of the gas
D. dependent on the total mass of
the gas
5. The principle of action of points
is used in

A. capacitors
B. inductors
C. resistors
D. lightning arrestors
6. A jet engine works under the
principle of

A. mass
B. energy
C. linear momentum
D. angular momentum
7. To find the temperature of the
sun, the following law is used:

A. Charles’ law
B. Stefan’s fourth power law of
C. Boyle’s law
D. Kirchhoff’s law
8. Calotropis is an example of the
following phyllotaxy:

A. opposite and decussate
B. spiral
C. whorled
D. alternate
9. Radio carbon dating is used to
A. find diseases
B. find the age of relics
C. find the carbon content in the
D. none of these
10. Frequency modulation is more
advantageous than amplitude
modulation because

A. there will be no distortion
B. distortion will be maximum
C. no internal noises produced
D. internal noises can be filtered