Two moon's in Sky on August 27,2010 
August 27, 2010 Friday rumor spreading in Emails.

That is after sun dusk by evening on Friday two moons will appear in sky. Also mentioning that 1,000 years. Also mentioning that it will happens year of 2287. 
NASA dis agrees this and says that this phenomenon does not exist and there is no possibilities of such things two moon in the sky.
Email Hoax about two moons has been circulating once again all over the world.

The original email dates back in August 27, 2003.
Mars appeared in sky very nearer to earth on August 27, 2003 it came within 34,649,589 miles of Earth.
Several different versions of email roamed all over the world.
The same email sets to launch as rumor that two moons will appear in sky on August 27,2010
The rumor began in 2003 and seems to re-surface every year.