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International Space Station can be seen from earth from naked eye. 
This is the first man made object to see in the space while it orbits the Earth..
Nasa official website posts this news by yesterday.
Space shuttle is viewable as bright and fast moving stars but it moves fast towards the orbit.
It can be clearly visible while  Sun dusk or Sun rise.Because Space shuttle doesn't have own light source.
The Station is moving from West to East in its orbit around the Earth.
The Station is moving too fast to remain in the field so using telescope or binoculars  you can see the clear station. Naked eye can view the general form of the Station. But viewing through telescopes is better option but you have to move it too fast as equal to space shuttle.
Taking pictures and videos of station is little tougher but using high quality cameras you can take videos or photos.
Best Time to View Space shuttle from Earth during Sun Dusk or sun arise you can view the space shuttle clearly.
Use Nasa official website for details of the space shuttle  timing. Synchronize your time with Nasa  by that you can find the Space Station when it reaches your place.