This section deal about the usage of kernel source i.e., which version to be used for building and configuration.
        In the past, Linux kernel was split into two trees, the “development branch” and “stable branch”
     2.5.29 is a “development kernel” and 2.4.29 is a “stable kernel”.
The kernel developers decided to abandon this method of having two separate trees, and declared that all 2.6 kernel releases would be considered “stable,” no matter how quickly development was Happening. The few months between the major 2.6 releases would allow kernel developers the time to add new features and then stabilize them in time for the next release. Combined with this, a “-stable” kernel branch has been created that releases bug fixes and security updates for the past kernel release, before the next major 2.6 release happens.

The kernel can be downloaded as shown below
To download it using curl:
$ curl \
-o linux-
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time
Dload Upload Total Spent Left
100 49.3M 100 49.3M 0 0 50298 0 0:17:08 0:17:08 --:--:--
For a quick and easy way to determine the latest kernel versions, use the information
available at

After downloading follow the given steps:

1)    $ mkdir ~/linux
2)    move the source code to the directory created
$ mv ~/linux- ~/linux
3)    Now get into the directory using change directory command
$ cd ~/linux
4)    Uncompress the source code
$ tar –xvvzf     linux-
5)    Check the contents of ~/linux directory using ls command
$ ls

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