Creating a Configuration
           The kernel configuration is kept in a file called .config in the top directory of kernel source tree.
Configuring from scratch
The most basic method of configuring is to use make config method.
$ cd linux-2.6.29
$ make config
make config
scripts/kconfig/conf arch/i386/Kconfig
 Linux Kernel Configuration
 Code maturity level options
Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers (EXPERIMENTAL) [Y/n/?]

* General setup
The kernel configuration program will step through every configuration option and ask you if you wish to enable this option or not. Typically, your choices for each option are shown in the format [Y/m/n/?] The capitalized letter is the default, and can be selected by just pressing the Enter key. The four choices are:
y Build directly into the kernel.
n Leave entirely out of the kernel.
m Build as a module, to be loaded if needed.
? Print a brief descriptive message and repeat the prompt.

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