Blue Ray Disc of 100 GB  Space
Tokyo : -
     Sharp a Japanese Electronics Company it will going to release a Recordable Blue Ray Disk of  100 GB storage size.It will be available in Japan from July 30,2010.

This is the Worlds first VR-100BR1 Triple Layer Disc write once that conforms BDXL(TM) format specification.

 Dual Layer has capacity of 50 GB where as the new VR-100BR1 Triple Layer Disc can store twice the size of dual layer disc its 100GB.
  •  Triple Layer Disc
  • 100 GB Memory
  • Capacity to Store HDTV programs with High- Definition Video and Sound Quality
  • Capacity to record 12 hours of Digital TV Broadcast
  • Capacity to store 8.6 Hours of BS Digital TV Broadcast

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