Blogger & Website URL Submission
Hello friends want to submit your blogspot or blogger to Mcafee Siteadvisor Website. 
Its really a easy task for first class domains
But for Blogger Ex: is little difficult task.
Let we discuss it now to submit your URL to
 For First class Domain
1. Go to
2. Enter the URL of your website and click view a site report.
3. It shows "Are you the owner of this site? Leave a comment"
4. After clicking Leave a comment click register and enter your Email id for verification process.
5. Then Click the button "Request Verification File"
6 It shows some option below like this 
Domain Name:
File Path:
Filename: example.comcba515ccc99bfd74ae029a95e725ec.html 

  Just upload the file name given above and save it.
And click verify button.
Url Submission for Blogspot or Blogger:
1. This process very difficult one
2. After doing the steps above from 1 to 5 request for verification
Domain Name:
File Path:
Filename: kannanking.blogspot.comcba515ccc99bfd74ae029a95e725ec.html
3. In blogger it is difficult to upload a file in given path. Even if you give the file name
Title also it generate the year and month after url.
It generates like this
But the verification is to be like this

To submit blogger URL haves problem. Readers who knows the logic to submit a blogger to siteadvisor post your answer as comments.

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