UFO or U.F.O 
Unidentified flying object

This is strange mysterious and amazing thing to see. The object which couldn't guess is said to be UFO. Many unidentified objects has been reported yet now. UFO has been recently reported in chennai. This is the UFO which has been seen by many of them. So no one report this as rumor. One popular TV channel NDTV Hindu conducted a Live program after UFO has been Reported.

UFO is not visible to all eyes some lucky persons has got this opportunity to see. Some reports saying that Aliens from other planet or solar system has been roaming towards earth but i don't know how much its true. Yet now no one could'nt reveal this kind of UFO.
Some investigators now prefer to use the broader term unidentified aerial phenomenon (or UAP), to avoid the confusion and speculative associations that have become attached to UFO.
Wikipedia has brief demonstration about this