Dell Studio 15 Problems and Feedback
    Some website's or bloggers write articles for there self earnings. They usually write articles positively they won't mention any negatives or feedback because the company will provide money to bloggers to write good thing about their product. But i won't do like that because i always write my own experience which i got in the product. 

Dell Computers provide you better reliability in giving the customer support via phone and in onsite warranty. Really am saying no one overtake dell in support. But some flaws also there in Dell Laptops.

Am really happy to be a part of Dell as i purchased a Dell studio 1537 a good laptop for programmers, Students also for multimedia peoples.

My Dell Studio 15 Configuration
320 GB Harddisk
Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo T6400 @2.00GHz processor
Network Adapter : Intel(R) WIFI Link 5100 
Bluettoth : Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Mini Card
DVD Drive: Optiarc DVD+RW ATA Device
Display Adapter : Mobile Intel(R) $ Series Express Chipset Family
ITECIR Infrared Reciver ( Used for Remote Control Only)
32 BIT Operating System
OS : Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Dell Studio Problems and Feedback
 I really very happy when i purchase this Dell Studio 15 Laptop but  soon it blurred. Because within 6 months my DVD Drive get into problem it doesn't read any CD and DVD. I tried all things but Dell Drive Failed to read it. Atlast i call customer support they give many tips but it doesn't work. So they go for replacement. And dell people come replaced my DVD Drive.

Like wise my friend purchased a Dell Studio 1523 DVD Drive problem occurs in that. So Dell go for replacement. I don't know why does it happens all dell models having this problem.

In my Dell Studio 1537 the touch sensor button is their for Media controls and  for ejecting the CD or DVD. I don't know whether dell knows or not the main flaw is here only. While i starting my System the touch sensor button for Eject automatically lights on and keep on ejecting the CD or DVD (Optiarc DVD+RW ATA) for 10 minutes. On that time we could not insert any DVD or CD in the system.

Dell warranty not covers for Battery. Battery life will be reduced within one year the Backup time will be reduced.

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