It is very difficult to state what is the best technology in the world.
For any possible answer there will still be someone to argue.

However, Java is the most portable technology, is supported by major
hardware manufacturers (Sun, IBM) and is used by a large community.
Someone learning "only" Java can do almost anything on a computer and on
almost any computer (which is not true for other technologies). In fact
"only Java" actually means a large bucket of various technologies
embedded in a single language. This is why Java is considered today as
the "new C" (for universality and portability), so, I think, it will
still be on the market for a while.

However, particular users or programmers can find more ease in using
more specialized technologies. Microsoft technologies are very rich also
and cannot be ignored neither as long as the extended portability is not
a prerequisite (despite of the "Mono" work, I hardly believe that .Net
will be implemented on AS/400/iSystems for e.g.).

Reviewed by Kannan.
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