Swami Nithyanandha vs Ranjitha

  On March 2,2010 by night at 10 pm. A popupar Media in south India broadcast a video of nithyananda. And more television channels published that uncensored video. Its really worst to show an Adult content in public media. More over it should be strictly prohibited in future. 
  Nithyanada is Guru of Tamilnadu who has been reported in Sex Scandal with Actress Ranjitha who acted in Jai Hind and more Tamil Movies. One Private Channel from Tamil Nadu released an Uncensored video publicly which makes more peoples to shrink the face, after watching that video.

  Nithyananda Sex scandal with a actress has make devotees to feel. Devotees of Nithyananda felt very sad after watching the videos in Sun Tv. Nakkheeran a Top Magazine published the article regarding Nithyanada more than 5 pages with photos. All over Tamilnadu stunned after hearing the news of Nithyananda. Most of the peoples believed him as god and praised him more than their parents. But this video makes devotees to feel a lot.
  Government has to periodically check over swamiji's and their trust. This kind of activities doesn't affect particular person who involved, but the people's who belong to Tamilnadu also make to feel for that. 
  Whatever it may be in nithyananda website they posted that its scam or graphically altered photo content and its rumor. Waiting for legal course of action. So let we wait for Judgment Day.

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