Comparing iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2
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Apple the Brand name make's iPhone popular. Hand's which holding iPhone feel them a prestigious and luxurious look. Latest Apple series released iPhone 4s with iOS 5 a sexy phone looks like iPhone 4 with some changes. Apple is a big giant in selling a high cost smart phones. The only competitor for iPhone 4s is Samsung's Galaxy S2 both Samsung S2 and iPhone 4S almost having same specs but with some difference. 

Comparing Samsung Galaxy SII and iPhone 4S is little tricky lets start the review below.
Operating System :
Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with Android Platform 2.3 which is open source and lot of applications available in market for free. Whereas Apple comes with iOS 5 with 200 new features added plus to iPhone 4S. iOS 5 Features

Performance :
iPhone 4s comes with Dual-core A5 Processor chip it enhances applications and gaming  process speed. 

iPhone 4S Dual-Core A5 Processor Chip 
Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with Dual-core 1.2GHz CPU Speed delivers high speed for high end applications and games

Size and Weight :

Height of iPhone 4S is 4.5 inches and weighs 140 grams whereas Samsung Galaxy S2 weighs 116 grams.

Camera :
Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S comes with 8 MP with 1080p HD recording