One of the Anna Hazare Supporter Attempts for Suicide in Thiruvanmiyur Railway Station. On August 24 2011 at 11.00 AM Man with Indian Flag crawl in a Big Advertisement Board in Thiruvanmyur Railway Station and very near to Tidal Park and Ascendas. Hosting the flag and keep on shouting for Anna Hazare. Man has been spotted by public and heavy traffic has been surrounded near by spot. At one stage five police man start moving towards revolutionist  but suddenly man turns wild and removed his hands and threatens policemen by saying that "if you further moves up then i will jump" recovery attempt has been stopped by police officials. Near by 12.20 PM after a long time conversation he aggrees to get down.
The crowd whistled, applauded and carry him on their shoulder. Finally police bring him to Police station.

  1. Neha November 11, 2011 at 7:55 PM  

    Good job annaji. Your patience and persistence is really commendable. We are with you. Lets get these crooks, fakes and corrupts in Raul , Antonia, Chiddu and Vadhra to books and send them to Tihar. Jai Ho Anna.