Apple to Launch iOS 5 towards end of this year. It has lot of features like Artificial Intelligence, Voice Control, Speed, and Computing Power.
iOS new feature Voice Control. Voice Control enables you to talk with phone. It just a voice recognition. You can search through internet, Search maps all things using your voice. It works based on Voice Commands.
According to reports, Apple’s ‘deeply integrated artificial intelligence’ is the result of its acquisition of Siri – a personal assistant software company – back in April 2010.
And it’ll be this technology, if reports are to be believed, that’ll sit at the heart of iOS5 and introduce some rather distinct changes, such as advanced voice control and that all important artificial intelligence.
Here’s MacRumors take on the rumours:
“The use of Siri's artificial intelligence and assistance technology is said to be deeply integrated into the OS for all the different services offered. And the team is now putting the finishing touches on the elements that will be demoed at WWDC, we hear.
"This tech may also be opened to developers for use in third-party apps - though that information isn't quite as concrete.”