Twitter Virus Alert | Tweet Viewer Worm | 
Steps to  Prevent Profile from Worm

This Virus spreading through tweets. Don't click Hyperlinks to prevent your profile.
This worm automatically authorize you and starts tweeting anonymously using your account.

How to identify this Worm
The  Virus or worm usually spreads while clicking the links.
If you click any links then it prompts to authorize you if you give access then it starts tweeting.
You can identify this worm, while clicking the link.
Image or Screenshot of Tweet Viewer Worm

Under the guise of revealing who's been visiting your Twitter profile, when you click on its link it asks for your Twitter authorization, and then tweets that same message to more unsuspecting users.

What to do if you've been caught up in this? It's easy enough to go to Settings/Connection/Revoke Access, and then you're free of it. Here's the help page if you need more info. And now, link shortener has stopped the unpleasantness for now by blocking domains hosting those scam links. However, if the app you're using to access Twitter still has permission to do so, it could keep spreading this nuisance with a different shortened link.

The burning question now: Why? According to TechCrunch, "It's not clear that it's doing anything behind the scenes." So all morning, it was spreading like wildfire, at the rate of about 159 tweets per minute, just because it could.