Millions of Dead Fish in Redondo Beach California | Pictures and Videos | Dead Fish in King Harbor 

An estimated 1 million fish turned up dead Tuesday in a Southern California marina, creating a floating feast for pelicans, gulls and other sea life and a stinky mess for harbor authorities. 
The sardines apparently depleted the water of oxygen and suffocated after getting lost in the marina, officials said.
"All indications are it's a naturally occurring event," said Andrew Hughan, a California Fish and Game spokesman at the scene.
The die-off was unusual but not unprecedented.
"In the world of fishing this is an afternoon's catch," he noted.
Boaters awakened to find a carpet of small silvery fish surrounding their vessels, said Staci Gabrielli, marine coordinator for King Harbor Marina on the Los Angeles County coast.
 Picture Gallery of Dead Fish

 "There’s basically fish everywhere you go in the harbor," said the harbor's assistant manager, Jason McMullin, who added that there were reports that a red tide which is a naturally occurring bloom of toxic algae that can poison fish or starve them of oxygen,   may have driven the fish into the harbor in massive numbers where they died because of limited oxygen.