Microsoft: Glitchy WP7 patch for Samsung phones Resumes

A little more than a week after deploying a Windows Phone 7 patch that bricked a "small percentage" of Samsung-made devices, Microsoft says it has "fixed" and re-released the update.
On the official Windows Phone blog, Microsoft writer Michael Stroh promised that engineers had "pinpointed and fixed problems" with the patch, which was originally released last Monday. (Credit to WMPoweruser for spotting the updated post.)

Owners of Samsung-built Windows Phone handsets like the Omnia 7 and the Focus should be able to attempt installation process again once prompted by their phones, Stroh wrote. "We apologize again for the delay and continue looking for ways to improve the update process."

Microsoft halted deployment of the Windows Phone patch for Samsung handsets after users complained that the update either stalled halfway through the process or bricked their phones, rendering them useless. Microsoft reportedly told owners of frozen handsets that they'd have to send them back in for replacements.

The update—the very first for Microsoft's rebooted Windows Phone 7 platform—appeared to work fine for users of WIndows Phone handsets from other manufacturers, such as HTC and LG.

In a post last week, Stroh claimed that only a "small number" of Samsung-made phones had trouble with the patch, adding that nine out of 10 overall Windows Phone users updated their devices without a hitch.

Last Monday's patch was intended as a prelude to two larger Windows Phone software updates.

However, some users are still complaining that the patch won’t install on their handsets. Here is a small selection of comments from the WMPowerusers:
“This update failed for me. I get error 800705B4. Fortunately the phone is fine.”
“I also got error 800705B4. Samsung Focus”
“didn’t work for me either got code 800705B4, i tried it twice bloody crap”
“Not working here either. Got code 800705B4 as well. Then tried again, and no dice…. different code “C100…” something. jeez. Samsung Focus on Rogers in Toronto.”
“Had the 800705B4 error code. Reboot the phone. Clear up 50 GB of hard disk space. Cleared up and had more than 5GB on the phone. Tried on my PC via Zune, Tried on my Mac via the connector. What in the world is Microsoft doing? Telstra here in AU.”