Microsoft Bing search engine
Added localized bargain results under a "deals" search filter option

NEW YORK (AFP) – Microsoft on Thursday added local bargains to results
served up with mobile and desktop versions of its Bing Internet search
engine in the United States.
Bing incorporate offers by startups including Groupon and Living
Social that alert users to deals at shops, restaurants or other nearby
businesses, according to a blog post by Andy Chu of the Bing team.

"Calling all bargain hunters, deal lovers, Groupon groupies and Living
Social fanatics!" Chu wrote. "Things just got easier."

Bing added the localized bargain results under a "deals" search filter
option. Deals sifts through more than 200,000 offers in more than
14,000 cities and towns across the United States, according to Chu.

Founded in 2008, Chicago-based Groupon offers discounts to its members
on retail goods and services, offering one localized deal a day.