World's Smaller and Cheaper Iphone Nano  Iphone 5 Rumors
Iphone 5 cheap in price

The latset iPhone 5 rumors suggest that the Apple iPhone 5 wont be going Nano because analyst are saying that its impossible for the iPhone 5 to have a smaller display. The more likely scenario would be is a release of a budget iPhone with a much more lower price tag and lesser capabilities to match the price.

We still can’t say definitively that Apple is going to release a new phone this year but a lot of tech insiders are saying that Apple is pressured to put something out to combat the growing threat of the Android smartphones. As we all know, most of the world’s gadget makers, if not all have already announced a product to be released this year.
So what do you think about a cheaper, less capable iPhone 5? Will you be getting one?
As for this writer, I think a cheaper smartphone alternative is a great move by Apple (if ever the rumors are true). It makes perfect business sense for me to make an Apple branded product and release it for the budget market. Who wouldn’t buy it?
It was only about a week ago that Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal got the tech world whipped into a frenzy with word of a "smaller, cheaper" iPhone—one that, depending on who was doing the telling, would be anywhere from a third to 50 percent smaller than the iPhone 4, complete with cheaper internal components and a budget price.

The chatter of a smaller iPhone raised the possibility of Apple breaking with tradition and unveiling multiple iPhone models this summer: a smaller, cheaper iPhone and a new flagship, with Taiwanese tech site DigiTimes fanning the flames with talk of an iPhone with a larger, four-inch display.

Enticing stuff … maybe a little too enticing, and by Thursday night, the New York Times had arrived with a bucket of icy-cold water.

No, there will not be a smaller iPhone "any time soon," the Times report insists. The N97 code-name for the supposed pint-sized model? Actually, it referred to the Verizon iPhone, says the story, which also makes no mention of a larger version.

Instead, expect something that's "similar in size" to the current iPhone 4, perhaps with new voice-command features to "make it easier to operate" and new "innards" resulting in "a less expensive model."

The article also dredges up an old Steve Jobs quote, in which he slams Android as "very, very fragmented," with a senior Apple exec adding that it does "not make sense" to "make multiple iPhone models," particularly if it means forcing developers to retool their apps for different screen resolutions.

In others words (and with apologies to the makers of "Highlander"): there can only be one. Edit: What I meant to say was, "There can *be* only One!" (Thanks, Jeffrey.)

Still, the Times didn't dash all of the recent Apple rumors, with last night's story confirming the recent talk of a revamped MobileMe, minus the annual $99 subscription fee but plus the ability to store photos, music, and videos in a digital "locker."

The article also notes that free, cloud-based storage might allow Apple to sell cheaper iPhones with less storage, given that you'd be able to stream your media from MobileMe. It's an idea that may look good on paper, but sounds less promising once you consider carrier bandwidth caps, not to mention the fact that MobileMe streaming won't do you much good without a decent data connection.

Apple has yet to announce anything official about the next iPhone, and likely won't until this summer, when the company's annual Worldwide Developer Conference—typically the venue for new iPhone unveilings—kicks off.