Serene branson grammy reporter stroke | Videos of Serene Branson Stroke

We have an update on the Grammy Reporter Serene Branson and her alleged post Grammy Awards on-air stroke. An official statement was released by a KCBS-TV spokesman that states Branson did not suffer from a stroke and did not go to the hospital. She was checked out by paramedics on scene and sent home with a friend. Hopefully this just was a false alarm and that paramedic wasn’t a moron by sending her home.

I watched the video and Serene Branson displayed “stroke” symptoms so when I hear an on-scene EMT sent her home, I am a little weary. I’ve read several comments by people concerned with the EMT’s evaluation, saying they should be fired. I know the official statement says Branson did not suffer from a stroke but I still believe she should go to a hospital and be checked out.

We wish Serene Branson the best of luck and hope she gets better soon. Hopefully she is at a doctor’s right now trying to figure out what went wrong.