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TAIWANESE HARDWARE MAKER Acer has launched a 3D display that supports Nvidia's stereoscopic technology over HDMI cable.
Acer has been producing Nvidia based 3D monitors for over a year but this is the first time we've seen Acer, or anyone else for that matter, support 3D over a HDMI cable or dual link DVI.
Based around Nvidia 3D technology, the Acer GN245HQ display comes with oversized and expensive active shutter glasses in the bundle. You'll also get a monitor that pumps out HD 1080p 3D content provided via an HDMI cable.

Acer claims that means you can watch 3D content without your PC so you can connect directly to a 3D TV broadcast from a set-top box, Blu-ray player or HDMI 3D game console. Let's be realistic though, until media conglomerates get the ball rolling on serving viewers with content for all the costly and incompatible 3D hardware that people are buying lately, the only thing you'll be doing is gaming.
As well as HD support, the GN245HQ display will have a 100 million:1 contrast ratio, which only means Acer has put out a higher but relatively meaningless dynamic contrast ratio number to impress punters.
You'll also get a 16:9 aspect ratio and 2ms response time played back on a 23.6-inch LED backlit panel with a 120Hz refresh rate so it can cope with Nvidia's 3D technology.
Acer will be selling its GN245HQ display from mid-March for £419.99. ยต
One of the most exciting innovations in monitor technology is the introduction of 3D technology. Acer embraced this new dimension with a range of Full HD 3D monitors that quickly drove the company to the leading position in the global market.