9 Year Old Boy in Hotel
Please Eradicate Child Labor... 
Help them as you can... 
Sure India Will Shine if we eradicate poverty and Corruption...

I took this video at Sri Krishna Hotel in Nathamuni near Villivakam in Chennai. The Little boy at the age of only 9 who have to took pencil in his hands were working in hotel. He used to clean table's, plates and serving food. Daily 100's of people coming and going no one questioned about this boy. Because of fear, why i've to fear am Citizen of India so i questioned to the owner about this boy. The reply is " His Parents were responsible". I don't know whether India is going in development Path or something else. It is happened in City of Chennai.
I could not digest this.

Is it age to work?
Who is Responsible for this?
Why this Small boy have to work ?
Is there parents Responsible or our country makes him like this?

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