The growth of Android phones has been really fast over the past few years. Their growth has been impressive and these handsets have been one of the most popular ones in the mobile phone market all over the world. Android is perhaps the only OS which can challenge the Apple’s iOS. Also noteworthy is that Android has further ruined the market share of Nokia’s Symbian (which wasn’t that popular anyways) especially in the US markets. RIM has also been raising eyebrows at the Android rising success. But not all Android phones out there are good. Some of them have been horrendous mistakes. I have compiled a list here of some of the best Android products that I have got from the manufacturers to date. This top 5 collection is not just my theory but the list contains the phones which you guys have voted. I’ve got plenty of e-mails from my readers about the phones that I have blogged about. This article covers the Android phones that the readers voted as the best ones. Also note that making this list gave me a real headache. All give phones score really close and it was really hard to rank them one below the other.

5 – Droid X

At number five, I’ve got the Droid X which is a huge phone and that is because it has a 4.3 inch touch screen. On the back, there is an eight megapixel camera which can record HD videos. On the sides, there is HDMI output for connecting the Android phone to a large HDTV. All these high end features might make you think that the Droid X belongs in your media center and not in your pocket. I was disappointed to see that there is no front facing camera for making video calls and the phone is based on MotoBlur software which is not my favorite way to skin through Android but the phone still makes it at the number 5 spot of this list due to its feature set.
Droid X

4 – Samsung Captivate

This one too has a biggish four inch screen and the highlight here is the stunning AMOLED display which gives crystal clear picture quality. There is 16 GB of internal memory which lets you store a lot of music and videos. This phone’s camera too shoots HD quality videos. Both the Droid X and Samsung Captivate are equally impressive but I gave Captivate the edge because there is more buzz surrounding it. Also, this phone is covered by AT&T and hence is touted to be the capable iPhone killer. Readers also mentioned that the TouchWiz interface and how made the phone better.
Samsung Captivate

3 – Sprint Evo 4G

This phone quickly rose to fame because it was the world’s first 4G phone. Sprint tried to milk their customers because of this monopoly and have been quite successful in doing so. Sprint Evo 4G has a 4.3 inch screen which is as big as the Droid X and 4G network is spreading quite fast so people are really curious about the new features that it has to offer. Both these factors have contributed a lot in making the Sprint Evo 4G a successful project. This phone also lets you to connect up to eight Wi-Fi devices at a time to share the fast speeds. There are cameras on either side and the back one has eight MP sensor which takes good quality photos.
Disappointments on this phone include lack of Bluetooth voice dialing and a relatively low battery life. The latter is maybe because of the 4G technology but we cannot confirm as there are not a lot of 4G phones out there for comparisons. But the biggest turn off is that you have to pay a 4G surcharge on your bill even if the service is not available in your area! But all things considered, readers did vote for this phone ahead of other Android handsets.
Sprint Evo 4G

2 – HTC Incredible

If looks matter more to you than anything else, stop reading further and get this phone now. HTC Incredible is the supermodel in the list and is a very sexy phone. The feature set on the phone is equally impressive. The handset is based on HTC Sense is my favorite Android user interface and has every feature that you’d want except a physical keyboard. This is a Verizon phone and you cannot use data and voice at the same time. This phone too locked horns with the Evo 4G and I decided to put the Incredible ahead because of the attractive design.
HTC Incredible

1 – Samsung Epic 4G

Yes, Samsung Epic 4G is the most famous and the best Android cell phone in the market right now. This is a Sprint phone and the super AMOLED screen again makes a huge contribution to the score. The display is amazingly bright and the handset has a slide out QWERTY keyboard for comfortable messaging. There are two cameras, one of which is five megapixel. The processor is really fast and so is the network if you are in a 4G covered area.
Samsung Epic 4G
There are a few cons for this phone, the size is a bit small as compared to other highest end smartphones and it is the only phone in the market that costs more than the standard 200-bucks-plus-activation. But on the bright side, it sets a great example of what other Android phones must have to be successful in the market.