We all know that Japan is the land of robots and this latest creation shows that Japan is trying to put its robots on a whole new level. Today we have another robot that comes from Japan
, that can look and sing like a real human being. We already saw robots from Japan that can mimic our looks, but now robots can sing as well as humans. The robot is known as the HRP-4 diva bot and it will match the sound of an actual singer as well as singer’s facial expressions. In order to achieve this, HRP-4 diva bot is using VocaListener program to watch human mouth and to memorize particular notes.

The HRP4 has full arm articulation and simple hand movements, giving it a grasping force of 1.1 pounds. It has facial recognition built in, so it'll know who you are, and it also reacts to voice commands.

You've seen plenty of robots and androids in the news, but you've probably never seen anything as astonishing as HRP4, which promises to be cheap, powerful, and the most sci-fi-like bot built to date.
AIST and Kawada Industries just revealed the new humanoid machine, and by making it look "athletic" they've also turned HRP4 into a real-world version of the fictional life-assisting robots you've seen in countless sci-fi movies (the older generation of 'droids in Will Smith's I, Robot movie for one). He's five feet tall and weighs just 86 pounds, including battery. Bipedal android robotics seems to have evolved swiftly enough that new machines don't need props like Asimo's chunky battery backpack.
Nevertheless, HRP4 has 34 degrees of freedom in movement, including full arm articulation and simple hand moves, which give it a grasping force of 1.1 pounds. It uses standardized parts, runs a Linux core beneath AIST's proprietary control software on an Intel Pentium M CPU and was designed to be low-cost. Still, the robot can recognize and react to voice commands, and has simple object and face recognition built-in.