Story of Terrorist
Deadly Terror attack never ever forgettable. 
Nine Years back two planes hits world trade center Twin towers.
Nine years after deadly photos of World Twin tower has been published by New York Police.
In this tragedy 2,752 men, women and children have been died.
Why terrorism?
Why Civilians have to be killed?
Terrorist are real foolish why they have to kill a third person who doesn't know anything. If they are real brave man come directly and ask your offer, Speak openly don't be crude and within a smaller circle. 

How a normal person changing as terrorist?
Real truth behind is Poverty. Because 70% of them converted to be as terrorist. Because of there poverty a leading Terrorist gang using them. 
Poverty at first makes them to steal and then they used to join in gangs as terrorist got trained and start there attacks without humanity. 
Killing peoples has been there ultimate goal. They are well trained and initialize them to particular goal. They will execute that.
Two Years back a very big terror attack in India kills lot of civilians. What they did?
Even they killed women. 
Their Networks are very big.

Terrorist? Why? How to be as normal person.
Don't have contact with people's of unusual activity.
Pray to god that keep my soul and all peoples happier.
See a smile of a baby really you will forget all your Sad.
Try to share your feelings with your friends.
Don't be selfish
Think yourself how you started your journey of life.