This is the second Upgrade for FreeFalcon 5.5. The Team has spent the past few months reading your posts, crash logs and comments, these observations have assisted us immensely with this build.

The install:

A fresh install of FreeFalcon5.5 is required. Do not apply any patches, or make any changes to your config editor or apply the cockpits. This must be a clean install. Then upgrade that installation with this installer. If you do not have the version FF5.5, this installer will not work. Do not use Hi-Tiles or other tiles with this version. Doing so will damage this install. There will be an installer made available for those tiles soon on this Forum.

The Change Log:

- Taxi Signs "wrong directions" fixed
- Tornado center line rack fixed
- Airbase runway numbering bug fixed
- HUD "too dim info" bug fixed
- 3D cockpit ECM light fixed
- 3D cockpit TACAN switches transparent panel fixed
- A-7 nose gear "rotation reversed" fixed
- A-6 "nav lights black" fixed
- Setup current weather (Sunny, Fair, Poor or Inclement) used for weather of TE's, training missions, Instant Action and Dogfight. Disable this feature with ffviper.cfg "set g_bUseTEWeather 1".
- Aeyes' Sea Tiles
- New terrain tiles. Thanks to Fighting Falcon for providing some of the elements used to make these new tiles. Tiles include fartiles and new night tiles provided by Khronik's new tool. This terrain is phase 1. We have really examined the current tile sets and have found many errors. Our intent at this time is to take this terrain to another level in a future upgrade.
- SAM missile MIN and MAX ranges have been researched and improved.
- Improvements to the AI.s reaction to threats and the way they can maneuver. Thanks to sortofred.
- Scramble missions have been looked at and we have made a change that MAY return this feature. If you experience a request for a Scramble mission, let us know.
- Aircraft sensors have been corrected and adjusted. This includes the reports of non functioning MFD's in the Tornado GR4, Jaguar, SU-33, B-1, AV-8 and the A-10 among others.
- Some additional weapons were added for aircraft contained in the 3 Theaters.
- AJ37 fix
- BK-90 fix
- GBU-38 Fix
- default F-16 cockpit fix
- F-5E Fuel Bug fix
- All of the Training TE's have been upgraded to match our new data base.The remaining custom TE's have been scrubbed, improved and
matched to our data base. Thanks to RAM22
- Some code changes that will assist with the '5 minutes after the hour' stutter.
- Instant Action has changed. Stock Korea uses the F-16 for Air to Air, the F-4ESK for A2G. Korea 2012 uses the F-22 for A2A and the F-15E for A2G. Eurowar uses the Mirage 2000 F5 for A2A and the Tornado GR 4 for A2G.
- We think we fixed Dog Fight?
- the Digital Map and Threat Circle f4Patch issue has been fixed.
- New skins for the HAF F-16 B52 C & D models. Thanks to Pigasos.

Thanks to everyone on the FF Team and the others that have contributed to this release.