Varalakshmi vratham festival celebration
Unity in Diversity great India
Indian Women celebrate the sacred festival of Varalakshmi viratham.
During the festival Womens observe fast and attend prayers in temples.
Celebrating varalakshmi vratham is a historic event which is 1000 years older.
Hindu women celebrate Varalakshmi Vratham as a festival conduct special prayers.
To fulfill their wishes peoples gather together in temple and sing devotional songs.
They wear new sarees which is most often red and in yellow color.

Prepare sweets and share it with neighborhood its shows the Culture of India.
Because they usually share sweets with people who doesn't celebrate this festival it means other religious people(Muslims, Christians, etc) it shows the Unity in Diversity in India.

Like wise Muslims celebrate Ramzan and share the wishes.
Christians during the celebration of Christmas they share gifts to other religious people.

However this kind of festivals makes our India more Stronger.

Photos and Videos of Varalakshmi vratham celebrations