Worlds most dream face 
Who is THIS MAN? 
Hundreds of people dream about this face every night. Ever you saw this face in your dream? Around 2000 people have reported that they have seen this man in their dreams.
A Women from Newyork on January 2006 draw this face reported that This Man's face appearing in her Dreams.

From January 2006 till date more than 2000 people have reported about This Man's face in their Dreams.
All over the world many people's different cities like Sao Paulo, Berlin, Beijing, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Moskow ,New Dehli.
And the hot news is this man's face has been broadcast in television  channel's. Vijay Tv a Popular channel in South India recently aired this in popular program namely "Nadanthathu Enna".
Why particularly this face coming in dream?
Is THIS MAN's face is Ghost?
Reason for dreaming this particular face
Scared people claimed that after seeing this face they happened to dream this man's face.
Logic behind is if you happened to read this article you may think this face for a certain period time so it leads to be in dream this face.
After seeing this image out of 10 one person have possibility to dream this face.
Repeated reporting of this mans face in dream happens to start a website
If any one happened to see this face in dream post your comments.

  1. Innovative Technologies July 25, 2010 at 7:22 AM  

    Who is THAT MAN? I still have no idea about that...would you give me a clue

  2. Anonymous February 1, 2011 at 1:55 PM  

    I see thats man twice in my dream,
    i dreaming im on graveyard i run but i not found way out from graveyard, then on my way finding out pathway i meet this man he as trader, using hat, and he point the way with his finger to pathway with high wall on left - right pathway

    in another dream i, have wet dream, he offer me beautiful girl, and beautifull girl come in to the room and he left out the room.

  3. Anonymous February 27, 2011 at 7:07 PM  

    i have seen him last night i think. i picked up my phone and he was there i think it was him the face had huge lips and the same couloring