Hackers eye on Smartphones and Mobile Phones

Now Hackers target smartphones to hack the personal data from mobile. Symbian is mobile phone operating system which dominates the market. So hackers eye on those mobile phone's to intrude virus. Android and iphones seems to be in hackers eye to crack personal data. At a Black Hat Computer security conference gave importance mobile phone hacking application.
The main cause for smartphone hacks is no awareness on the application which they are installing in mobile phones. Almost there are around 300,000 mobile phone application most of the application developed under cracking of personal data.

If you download some of the third party application in your mobile for accessing Emails people give their password username and password for login into application to check mail. But the hackers use that opportunity to crack your password. No one knows who is using your account but they access your email account anonymously. So be active before installing any application into your mobile.

Some Applications gather your personal data like contacts, Messages, stored passwords, internet banking details and encrypted data. So be aware on those application before installing in your mobile.
As usual hackers use many type of attacks to crack your mobile it may be from gaming application too. Some people's very much eager in downloading games to their mobile but it ends in sharing your personal data to hackers. If you install a game into your mobile it opens very well as you can play but it indirectly promotes to hacking by gathering up your personal data and each time checks for GPRS connection in your mobile if the GPRS is activated then it send the data to the hacker immediately.

Be safe Mobile Phone users its time to wake up.