Tutorial for Getting Linkedin profile's through API using JAVA

Now-a-days most of the social Networking websites providing API (Application Programming Interface) to access their site and getting details.

Social Networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Orkut, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Twitter, Bebo, Hi5 likewise many sites providing their API keys to accessing into their site. 

As a programmer in one of the module we are intent to use Linkedin API for accessing the connections Profile. 
Soon we will provide JAVA code for accessing all Social Networking sites.  

Let we see how to access Connections of Linkedin profile using JAVA. Being a programmer i always like to share my codes as well. I will explain you this Step By Step.

Step 1:

Go to Linkedin website and log in using your Id or create a seperate Id for your Application or Website.

Step 2:
Log in using your Id
After Logging into linked in at the Bottom of the Page you can able to see a link to DEVELOPERS as i marked red in image.
Step 4:
After Clicking that you can able to see page to API as i mentioned in image click Get Started.
In new Page click Request an API

Shortcut method Just click this link instead doing all above methods.

Just click Add new Application and provide all the information.
After successful registration they will provide you two codes.
They are:

This is the main important one keep it secret and store it safely

Coding for Java is Explained in one of my colleague site:

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