Mid air collision averted in Trichy
Air India and Jet Airways 
Mid Air Crash Averted
Red Alert
Near Crash averted in mid Air way above Trichy in Tamil nadu. 

This incident took place place at 12:30pm on 5 june 2010. 
Both Pilots reported the incident. 
The two flights Jet Airways and Air India Flight was averted from collide. 
Two flights 

  • The Jet flight 9w 4758 enroute to Chennai from Thiruvanathapuram.
  • Air India Flight IC 671 was enroute from Chennai to Madurai.
DGCA and Air traffic control Sources confirm the incident.
Conversation between Air traffic Control and Pilots were crucial.

A very big Air Crash has been averted in the Mid airway of Trichy.
Passenger's were safely landed.

Waiting for more information...
Few days back Air India Flight crash cost's 160 life's.