Quickest way to view the result.

Students from Tamil nadu who pursues their Engineering degree are affiliated to Anna university only. After Completion of exam Anna university publish their result after the time of 3 to 4 months. So students who completed their exams are very eager to see their results. Lot of students were really very much eager to saw their results at a time. Due to overloading the server may interrupt them to saw their result in time.

Want to see your results in website quickly no problem it has been made easier.


1. Once your result has been published Anna university website that is http://www.annauniv.edu will be over flooded then deadlock will occur in server so no one can't open the website itself.

2. So don't worry Keep relax, during that time each and every student suffer very bad. Also every one, will be very eager to view their results. No more suspense view your result at first, by doing simple process.

3. Every Anna university Exchange thier result in their subdomain only. So try to track the website's subdomain address like type in Address bar as

The URL below is for Mark System:


And it is for Grade System:

In result10.html 10 denotes the year 2010.

Try different things like this:

4. If you felt difficult to guess URL, simply put a search in google as "results.annauniv.edu" or "result1.annauniv.edu" like that so your result published URL will be shown in Google Search.


5. Before clicking the link confirm that it denotes the year, as i mentioned in 3rd step.

6. After confirm the link, Click the link.

7. It won't open suddenly keep on refresh the page for more times.

8. By giving more request to server makes you to access the result page.

9. Your Anna university Exam Result will be shown.

10.Then if you want to see your friend result then again you have to go for previous page for giving number. This is Wasting of Time.

11. Instead of going to previous page just go to address bar and change the number itself. It save your time by going to previous page.

12. Like this you can able to see in address bar during the 9 the step.
xxxxxxx is your University Register number.
Just change the last 3 digit number that is 020 and click Enter.
To see your friend result.

13. So you can easily view your's and your friends result in time.

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Kamalakannan JS