Yahoo booter's 

   Yahoo Messenger is a very good Chat program. But some guys sucks it by using some VB programs to attack peoples in chat. Ive been in chat for more than 9 years. Being Master of computer application professional I like to write a review about this yahoo booters. 

   Booters are very dirty programs which are coded using Visual basic. These attacks are very hard it event disconnect internet connection because the packets were flooded into our IP address it leads to disconnect our net.
So peoples who used to chat through yahoo messenger should be safe to rectify this kind of attacks. Let we discuss how to prevent from those kinds of attacks and what is booters. It is provisionally for beginners to chat and solely its for educational purpose. Dont try this. Using yahoo booters is unsafe to the system. Most of the downloaded booter program contains virus. So be safe.

What is Booter?
                Yahoo booter is small Visual basic programs coded to disconnect yahoo chat. Usually peoples chat for entertainment and time pass but some guys use this as attacking place to get out some people just for fun. Their sole purpose of attack is full of fun only not more than that.
Usually attackers need 100 or 1000s of yahoo Ids and high speed internet connection to attack the victim. They create yahoo ids, load in yahoo boot program and attack the victim until they disconnect. Some powerful attacks may even disconnect the victim from internet also.
Some attackers lock the user id by multiple wrong login attempts. In this condition we cant do any thing we have to wait for 12 to 24 hours to regain our yahoo ID. So new chatters are safe with this kind of attacks.

What is yahoo room booter’s? What is spam Bots?
Room booters are very dirty thing which sends spam messages in chat. This is coded using timer, the timer which enables this boot programs after certain period of time. So it sends a Pm to all users in chat. So all chatter has been disturbed periodically. To prevent this just click report as spam or block the user option in Pm( personal message).

How to rectify this kind of attacks?
        Yahoo using different ways to prevent this kind of attacks. Yahoo introduced a Security code before logging into yahoo chat rooms. By verifying the words we can join into yahoo chat room. Yahoo introduced this to prevent multiple bot login to chat.
Yahoo chat clients are program which are created by a third party client to prevent attacks. Some users dont know what is this? But dont worry I will give you a little introduction about this.
Chat Clients are small software programs used to prevent from yahoo bot attacks. 

How yahoo Chat Clients prevents yahoo bot attacks?
Let us we how it can be prevented. Usually yahoo boot programs target yahoo messenger. Programmers who coding the booter program knows very well about yahoo messenger modules and UDP. So they can easily code the program to attack victim. But they failed to analyze the Chat client programs if they tried to analyze also its very dofficult to code bot program for Chat clients. Some Chat clients like YahElite! Uses C Programming to develop the client. Its absolutely free. And many other chat programs available in Market. Before using that be safe whether it is good. Some may grab your password from the client. So be safe before using Chat clients. One kind suggestion dont use your personal mail id for chatting. Create separate Yahoo id for using yahoo chat. I has been using yahelite, its difficult to use at starting after that it will be easier and really nice. 

What is yahoo Mic Locker or Domination? How to prevent from that?
Yahoo mic locker is also a VB program which targets to lock or grab the mic from other chatters in room. Using yahoo mic lockers they dominate the room. During that time no one couldnt get the mic. Some mad guys play songs using that. One way to prevent this by just ignoring the user in chat.

How to escape from bots?
As I described above you can come to a conclusion about booters. To prevent this Enable firewall in your system. If some one talks vulgarly or misbehaving just ignore them. They may load bots and wait to attack. Moreover use conference to chat with your friends more than in public chat.
If you are well in using chat client use it else reject the offer. Dont click any unusual links which has been pm from others. Use separate yahoo id for chat purpose dont use your yahoo Email id or personal Mail Id.
One kind request dont give your password in any other third party software or website for chatting. Surely they can easily grab your password. 

Dont use booters it is very dangerous to system more than 90% of booters contains virus which loads virus into your registry and grab all saved passwords from your system and mail the password to hacker mail id.
Be safe have a nice chat. 
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